Social Life Magazine Profiles Matthew J. Bruderman

“The way you treat the waiter says a lot about who you really are, regardless of what causes you say your care about at a cocktail party,” says Matthew Bruderman, his feet planted in his signature Vans as he looks out over Oyster Bay Harbor from his sprawling Centre Island Estate. Bruderman, the scion of a family synonymous with finance and investment for five generations, is in a reflective mood.

One gets the sense he’s been reflecting a lot lately, perhaps about his next big move.

He talks about the race cars he redesigns and his next project on the property. He talks about his family. But there is a sense that he’s uncomfortable talking about himself and his enormous success. It’s a rare and remarkable trait for someone who’s at the top of his game in business, expanding his reach into entertainment and even politics.


About Matthew J. Bruderman

Matthew J. Bruderman is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He leads his family’s multi-generational financial services business, which includes a registered broker dealer, a registered investment advisor, and an insurance agency. He is the Chairman of Sandy Hill Investors, his family’s merchant banking division that owns businesses in healthcare, consumer products, media, entertainment, and real estate. As the Chairman of the Bruderman family office, he leads its charitable foundations and philanthropic activities.

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