Bruderman in LI Herald: Time Alone Hasn’t Made the Opioid Crisis Any Better

Matthew Bruderman, chair of Nassau University Medical Center’s board of directors, made it clear to reporters last week that time alone hasn’t made the [opioid] crisis any better in the county, Long Island, or the United States. Without [the County’s $2.5 million], hospitals and community health organizations are ill-prepared to deal with the scope of the issue.

“We all know the opioid epidemic and drug addiction is damaging the lives of many people across the country,” Bruderman said. “NUMC is the only hospital on Long Island that has an in-patient detox facility. (Yet), 90 percent of the time, we are at full capacity.”


About Matthew J. Bruderman

Matthew J. Bruderman is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He leads his family’s multi-generational financial services business, which includes a registered broker dealer, a registered investment advisor, and an insurance agency. He is the Chairman of Sandy Hill Investors, his family’s merchant banking division that owns businesses in healthcare, consumer products, media, entertainment, and real estate. As the Chairman of the Bruderman family office, he leads its charitable foundations and philanthropic activities.

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