The Family that Works: Matthew J. Bruderman and 1879 Advisors

Drawing on five generations of experience, Matthew J. Bruderman has been guiding individuals and families through the labyrinth of investing to increase and safeguard their net worth.

Mr. Bruderman is an investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. One of his latest ventures is 1879 Advisors, a financial company providing high-net-worth individuals and their families with institutional-quality portfolio management and innovative wealth planning strategies to preserve and grow their assets.

“We’ve been at this a long time – through the best times, and through the worst,” says Bruderman. “We’ve seen it all and we have the experience to guide our clients into the future.”

Dating back to 1879 in Brussels, Belgium, his ancestors saw tremendous opportunity for growth and innovation in America. The Brudermans have managed money for the Catholic Church, sheiks, royalty, senators, congressmen, and now celebrities and athletes.

John M. Beuderman
About Matthew J. Bruderman

Matthew J. Bruderman is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He leads his family’s multi-generational financial services business, which includes a registered broker dealer, a registered investment advisor, and an insurance agency. He is the Chairman of Sandy Hill Investors, his family’s merchant banking division that owns businesses in healthcare, consumer products, media, entertainment, and real estate. As the Chairman of the Bruderman family office, he leads its charitable foundations and philanthropic activities.