Matthew J. Bruderman Helps The Book Fairies Take Flight

Lending a hand to local charitable organizations is something that philanthropist and Bruderman Brothers’ Chairman Matthew J. Bruderman and the Bruderman family have done for generations. 

Recently, through The Bruderman family charitable trust, Mr. Bruderman provided assistance to The Book Fairies, a Freeport-based organization founded by Amy Zaslansky in 2012 as a solution for teachers who were spending their own money to buy books for students without home libraries. Mr. Bruderman made a three-year pledge to help The Book Fairies accelerate their mission of collecting and distributing reading materials across the New York metro area.

“We want to support charities that are already doing good work in the community – like The Book Fairies,” said Mr. Bruderman. 

Mr. Bruderman established The Bruderman family charitable trust to continue his family’s long-standing tradition of giving back to the community. The Bruderman family charitable trust works to support and strengthen social, civic, and environmental not-for-profit organizations.

About Matthew J. Bruderman

Matthew J. Bruderman is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He leads his family’s multi-generational financial services business, which includes a registered broker dealer, a registered investment advisor, and an insurance agency. He is the Chairman of Sandy Hill Investors, his family’s merchant banking division that owns businesses in healthcare, consumer products, media, entertainment, and real estate. As the Chairman of the Bruderman family office, he leads its charitable foundations and philanthropic activities.